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noun, plural:guindalejos

In Puerto Rico; jewelry charms, cellphone charms and pendants. Every kind of jewelry with a lot of fringed items. Puerto Rico artisans call their jewelry and other fringing creations "guindalejo" or "gangarrias". Boobs, testicles, penis, love handles can be called guindalejo because of their fringing nature.

Guindalejo is also an indie biz from Puerto Rico.

Guindalejo is everything that is fringing around everywhere, like a windchime or your granny's boobs.

In Dominican Republic is used to called men genitalia, testicles and penis (because they fringe).
-Norma:"Look that girl has a wonderful bracelet with guindalejos"
-Ileana: "Yes is better than any other gangarria around"
-Norma: "I die to have that bracelet with big chuncky colorful guindalejos"
-Ileana: "I will be the best hottest girl around with that bracelet full of shiny guindalejos"
-Norma:"that bracelet is better than my husband guindalejo"
-Ileana:"I have two small guindalejos, but i will put implants soon"
-Norma:"I may go to the surgeon too, for my fat guindalejos"
by guindalejo February 08, 2011
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