Guimos, a phenomenon found at my high school. Theres two of them (one boy and one girl) The way they behave is that they always want to fight, party, and talk about their huge Catholic families. They are always tan and the guy brags about how he can beat people up. But, they love all the emo bands and have the hair with huge black bangs and layers. they wear skinny jeans and Osiris shoes in neon colors. This is a guimo. Also may i mention theyre from New York and New Jersey? Suprised anyone?
Guimo 1: Its teeeeshiirtttttimmmeee!
Guimo 2: Look at my Day to Remember shirt!!
Guimo 1: That's hot, youre so juiced up.
Guimo 2: Who wantsta fight me?!
by fuckiinghateguidos February 08, 2011
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