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guido party! is a band consisting of two young men originating from Hiroshima, Italy. The band is now located somewhere in the New Jersey area. The band expresses a passionate disliking for "guidos", and "poser guidos" due two they're deadly use of of "Man-Tan" gel, rediculous hair and ammount of gel used, and overall obnoxious and annoying personallities , although portraying themselves non- "guuid-Like" italians. Some Hits include "Albino Fuck from Park", "Future Bus 911", "Kiss From un Guid", "Fabio 666", and "Hawt Hawt Bayeey". Major influences for the band are Seal, Fabio Lanzoni, and George Clooney's glorious chin. Check Them out on Myspace music.
"Guid is just un werd we should naut need"
Some gayfuck guid: "wow guido party! sucks, now i'm gonna go jack off with my hair gel."
by FabioNude July 09, 2007
A party that single Italian guys go to, where they try to have sexual intercourse with as many females as they can before the night is over.
"Hey Coriella, you going to Matteo's guido party tonight."

"Dude I really just need to throw a guido party and fuck some chicks"
by Guidette101 January 17, 2016
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