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A question, asked when someone knows that something's up, but they're not sure what, and so guess at anything, and ask that.
"Omg Dave, you've got a girlfriend?"
"Now you're just asking guestions."
by Ben K. Knight November 19, 2007
Answering to a question which you are unsure about in a questioning way.
Greg: "Hey, Dave do you know the capital of China?"
Dave: "Bangkok?"
Greg: "Are you sure or is that a guestion?"
by EZ15 April 06, 2009
A question that includes a guess or assumption in it.
The following ARE Guestions:

"There's about 5000 jellybeans in that jar wouldnt you say?"

"You've got a laptop in that bag dont you?"

"You probably just got dumped, thats why ya look so sad isnt it?

The following are NOT Guestions:

"How many jellybeans do you think are in that jar?"

"What do you have in that bag?"

"Why do you look so sad?"
by JayWalker256 May 04, 2009