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1. Guerrilla Pimping is to aggressively manage and control women. To act or deal with a woman in an un-genteel manner.

2. It is also the act of a pimp forcefully and physically assaulting a prostitute under his management.

3. A player/playboy involve with many woman, whose interactions with them are obscene, vulgar, harsh, raw, indelicate or impolite.
1. Yo, dude was "guerrilla pimping" He told his girl to get the f*ck over to his apartment in ten minutes and bring him some food to eat.

2. Did you see that pimp "guerrilla pimping" He slapped-up his prostitute and told her to stay outside in the cold until she earned at leat $1000 for him.
by watching the game October 13, 2013
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