A Phrase for noobs to tell people to go away.
It consists of two words, one of which is an acronym:
GTFO:Get the Fuck Out. and noob, is Noob.
so GTFONOOB = Get the fuck out noob.
Random Guy:y00r m0m h4d s3x f0r m3h.
#lol #gtfo #noob #m0m #s3x #fuck #out
by Bob Smurf June 01, 2009
Top Definition
an abbreviation for "get the fuck out" The noob is a little bonus. It is used when you are tired of hearing somebody's shit or are surprised by something.

yani - You are stupid
Jorge - Shut up!
yani - no way
Jorge - GTFO Noob!!
#gtfo noob #gtfo #stfu noob #stfu #gtfon
by Dan T...AKA..Crazy Fresh August 20, 2006
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