Acronym for Getting Things Done. Usually refers to a task management application - a somehow fancier to do list you can mantain on your computer.
Can you recommend me a GTD app for Mac?
by U8IK January 04, 2008
Top Definition
got the draws...refrence to early 90's tv show martin.
"Tommy, what does GTD stand for?"
by Nens August 26, 2005
Getting Things Done
the book Getting Things Done by david allen
do you gtd (Getting Things Done )?
by uuwan February 16, 2005
Game Time Decision...a last minute decision depending on the overall situation.
person 1: You going to class?
person 2: It will be a GTD.
by nards May 15, 2005
Get The draws
Got the draws

Translation: To have completed sexual intercourse
I GTD last.
I seen you with that boy last night.... Did you GTD?
by none January 30, 2005
get that dick
friend 1: isnt he effing hot?
friend 2: yeah, id totally gtd ;)
by akhgkajdhg August 30, 2010
Get The Drummer Some
as in... "Yo,band, it's time to let our drummer play a solo so we can GTDS."
by liketrane November 04, 2013
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