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grundlemonkey (pl grundlemonkeys) N. -
1. Various debris or foreign matter attached to the nether region between posterior and anterior (see grundle); also the annoyance thereof.
2. A person (or persons) representing said debris and its annoyance.

1. "So I pulled down her panties and there was this freaking grundlemonkey just staring at me. I wrapped her back up and sent her home."
2. "Damn, dude, quit hanging around so close with that terrible gold chain and musk, you grundlemonkey."
by fretburnr July 24, 2007
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1.) The grundle monkey is a ravenous beast that hunts the gouch spider. See gouch spider for further explanations.

2.) Used to describe a compulsive lying monkey claiming to deserve three purple hearts, and a bag of poop. Slang for John Kerry.
1.) The grundle monkey is attacking!

2.) The grundle monkey is still attacking!
by Bob the Builder September 08, 2004
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