An annoying term for consuming food. Is the preferred slang term used by all wiggers alike. Will most often be seen as a status on facebook along with a check in at Applebees or any other mass chain restaurant.
Wigger: "We be grubbin on some sliders at Chilis yo"

Normal Person: "What the hell is grubbin?"
by MisterNotSoNiceGuy January 27, 2012
To mooch or scam off of others, a freeloader...
Stop grubbin' off of me, I'm not giving you any more
by pge August 09, 2006
when you bring food to school and eat it in class. hellz ya.
yo me and my homies wus grubbin on some gummy sharks while listenin to three-six in computers.
by jonathon wyldeass December 31, 2003

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