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British Naval lingo for marines, IE "GROund POunders." Same contraction also used in the science fiction series Babylon 5: GroPos; Ground Pounders.

Also the name of a KAOS robot from the 1960's television series Get Smart
Gropo has nothing... zero to do with 'groping'.
by gropo February 01, 2009
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Slang for Ground Pounders, meaning infantry.
I'm going to join the army and become one of the Gropos.

Why not the Air Force?

I like going out on patrol and be alongside my fellow man.
by SsurebreC November 20, 2009
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kind of like groping, or stroking. or just touching sexually.

a man or a woman who looks like they might rape you.

"what a gropo man. hurry run away fast!"

"in moulin rouge, the duke and his hat. he was groping his hat. so he's a gropo."
by SsSsSarah August 11, 2006
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