the term for the feeling of euphoria achieved after reaching an orgasm.
i just blew my load and now im groovin' on it
#groovy #sex #butt #jizz #orgasm
by d@ria_d@hmer July 26, 2006
Top Definition
A term used to describe how a person dances.
Everyone in the club was groovin' to the music.
by zanny May 24, 2004
East Coast Slang; partial drunk feeling, word normally affiliated with being drunk or tipsy.
Man look, I went to this party yesterday had a few drinks and I was groovin'.
#tipsy #throwed #drunk #grooving #groovin
by Dom aka alaska October 26, 2007
Duce term for Fuckin'
"me and dat Bitch was groovin' all night"
by Lil Cuzz March 05, 2005
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