Describing anything, anyplace OR anyone that is dirty. Slutty. Nasty. Sometimes ugly, and definately Grimey. Or Gross. Usually used to describe females, certain males, and most nightclubs/bars.
"Who the fuck does Mel think she is? She is SUCH a gritty bitch. And we are SOOO not friends anymore!" Diana said, angrily.

"I know... right?!" replied Brianne.

"She's just as gritty as the Pulse on Wednesday Night!" Keri followed.

"I know... right?!" replied Brianne... again.

by Seeing is always believing November 24, 2007
a female who thinks their the shit but really a girl nobody likes and shes a slut
geena:im the best lookin girl in skool.

bystander: yo geena is a major GRITTY
by mrbigbid420 June 28, 2009
characterized by elaborate sexual detail; horny
jose was talkin gritty las nite on da phone, and wen we hung up, i felt all wet down there.
by kimsie December 14, 2003

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