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a funny man in a shirt with a dinosaur

2. the real name of the "cockmongler!"

grinman or grin man grins a lot
by Zorque October 18, 2006
A notorious rapist and alter-ego of a close friend. He usually goes after blonds. He pretends to be a friend, then he suddenly strikes with a "how about we go up stairs, u want it so dont say u dont". GrinMan never takes no for an answer!. He has claimed numerous victims in the Metro-Detroit area
Deez: Who the hell gave adam a drink?!

D: Adams drunk? Fuck, where is he?

Deez: I saw him carrying that whitegirl in the blue upstairs

D:...shit, the GrinMan always grins 'cuz the GrinMan always wins
by Deakhon June 10, 2009