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Grimy-Grimy is when a girl(or maybe male) knows they're Grimy-Grimy. In so meaning that they know exactly what they're doing. Being Grimy-Grimy. If i was to say, "damn shes Grimy-Grimy, shes mad sexy. If shes just shes grimy... she would be full of grime. Simply grimy.
Smoking hot girl walks in, we'll name her Octavia. Octavia knows shes smoking hot, me and my boys refer to her as,"Damn, shes grimy grimy."-respectful. If another girl walks in, we'll call her Carol. Carol is not on her game and could literally scare the crows away. I would refer to her as, "Ugh, shes mad grimy."- Hencing the difference between Grimy-Grimy, rather than just "grimy".
by Theee Shadow March 27, 2009
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