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An extremely bad break up that could become violent. Shit hit's the fan like someone tossed a grenade in a crowded elevator, always involving insults, drama and screaming.

After this type of break up there is never a chance of getting back together only a slight chance of future hate sex. You will always despise your ex after this.
Boyfriend: "I hate you and never want to see you again you psycho whore.. were finished!!!"

Girlfriend: "I never want to see you again either douche bag, I'm getting laid tonight by another guy don't you worry!!"

Boyfriend: "Been there done that... I'll be smashing two skanks by midnight, peace out!"

Girlfriend: "You sucked in bed anyways and best of luck with your twizzler dick"

Mutual Friend of Both: "Damn did you hear what happen to them... total grenade break up"
by Chris Waltham December 31, 2010
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