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a really, well most of it, if you live in cos cob, byram, or any other place like that you are not accepted, nor should you be. the black people are all frightening, and all the white people that live in those areas want to be black. POLO, everything that the non racially challeneged white people wear is polo, lacoste, abercromie or vineyard vines. greenwich is classy minus cos cob and byram, its better than darien and new canaan. at the schools in greenwich the kids are richer than the teachers and it is accepted, private jets and summer houses are nothing to get excited about, everyone "summers" in nantucket or marthas vineyard where they have summer houses, kids with houses from 1 million to 1.5 million dollars arent considered rich at all, to see houses in the paper anywhere from 15-30 million dollars isnt big news, greenwich is home to the most expensive home in connecticut it sold for over 50 million dollars (50 or 80 million canrt remeber) greenwich is a nice town, as long as you are in the right area, backcountry riverside and old greenwich oh and belle haven are mostly the only places to go other than that you will be faced with the ghetto people, that are loud and obnoxikous and are a disgrace to the town of greenwich, and yes, everyone is a stoner... everyone, kids getting high in the bathroom is nothing new, and if someone is wearing sunglasses in school you can guess why... also the most prevalent sports are water polo, lacrosse, and feild hockey if you dont do those you arent true greenwich
harry: hey ty wanna go driving my 'rents just got me my new bmw
tyler: yeah sure, its not.... a used car is it.....
harry: NO, if it were used it would ge tmy lacoste dirty, but on the other hand it would hide the smell of my pot
tyler: ok good....
tyler:where the hell are we
harry: oh no..... oh no.......... i think we are in......... byram
tyler: SHIT
haryy: lock the doors roll up the windows and look ahead dont make eyecontact
tyler: wheres our dealer....
harry: oh i got our stash in the locker room after lacrosse
tyler: ok good... last game of the season thank god school is over
harry: yeha im leaving for nantucket tomorrow for two months, god i cant stand liviing in that trash heap... it was like 2.5 million when we bought it,
tyler: thats disgusting.... the club opens next week, i cant wait
harry: thats straight any hot biddies there
tyler: you know it.............
by greenwichforlife May 02, 2005
most people who write definitions for greenwich dont even live here so stfu cause i do. people here dont wear lacoste or polo shirts or preppy clothes with collars like wtf what kind of style is that? i havent seen anyone with coach flats all year round, it doesnt matter if your hair is parted in the middle, and you will not be discriminated against society if you dont wear polos or have prada shoes. lots of people here shop in cheap stores like marshalls and stores where everything is a lower price. most people here arent filthy rich and live in normal sized houses. yes lots of stuff might be overpriced but that does not mean we can all afford it. people dont go to parties everyday, most people actually work for their money. i dont see tons of sports cars driving around on the streets and girls dont go around shopping all day on the avenue. i know that we might live better than other people but that doesn't mean that we are filthy snotty preppy stuck-up people who have no idea what the outside world is like. most people here are nice and if they are mean its not because they are rich. and people who are rich worked for their money they didnt just get it somehow. the stereotypes of greenwich really are hilarious. if you want to know what it is really like, not something out of a movie where everything is perfect and all the people are preppy and filthy rich, stop making up lies just come here and visit it yourself.
All of the greenwich stereotypes are not true.
by nikki1234567890 September 03, 2011
greenwich is a wealthy town in connecticut, known for its abundance of wall street tycoons, celebrities, and most of all, drug-addicted, alcoholic, asshole-ish teenagers.

the majority of the 2700+ kids at Greenwich High School can easily be labeled into some sort of group, but those who "dominate" (really only in their minds) are often referred to as the biddies. listening to one of their conversations is often entertaining, as they most always pan out something like this - "who's throwing down tonight? idk but uh i got like 3 racks. dank, and i got the nugs, so we'll be gettin mad swilled tonight....OR....fuck yeah man she was so smashed she booted everywhere shes throwing down again tonight." teens in greenwich are so bored with this town, so the lack of stuff to do has created the indifferent, drunk/high 24/7 zombies that occupy the schools and the town. it's super fun.
"man what are we doing tonight?"
"idk man but i heard someone's throwing down in greenwich"
"ill get the nugs and we'll get swillskied."

"dank, man."
by sab1012 October 23, 2009
The town where all rich people carry around knives in their backpacks. True story
I'm scared to go to Greenwich because they all have knives that they can use to kill me randomly and awesomely!
by Knowitallpaul June 19, 2014
You know that you are in Greenwich if gravity does not affect your collar!
greenwich is preppy...theres nothing any1 can do about it
by AEW April 10, 2006
sterotyped town there are differnt kinds of people rich poor white african american hispanic...religous differences
not everyone has a gold bathroom and u CAN find houses under one million dollers
some ppl live here because the schooling is great
and if u think this is not a good definition then come to greenwich and ull see we r preppy but not everyone needs to have natukue red belts
GREENWICH IS PREPPY though but u cant say anthing about that cause were cool like that
go look up ur name or sterotype
and we dont have teapartys! everyday..
sterotype:"shes from greenwich shes a rich bitch that has a boat and 5 houses"

normal person "i live in greenwich connecticut right by the sound"
"oh that seems like it would be a nice view ur can afford it or is it expensive?"
by hinallina May 16, 2007
only in greenwich does one see a five year old girl dressed in the complete lilly outfit, along with her mother in a completely matching dress. Jack rogers are the way to go, along with rainbows, eliza b's, and if the mothers shoe closet is not filled with at least three pairs of prada shoes then they are shunned from their social life. Girls are known to all have the same hair color, slightly dirty blonde with platinum highlights. If one is ever seen with a middle part, she will be quickly chastized by her peers, and will quickly adjust her below the shoulder, perfectly straightened hair, to a close-to-a-comb-over side part. Even the boys must wear their hair on the side, of course with wings, buzz cuts are not acceptable. Popped collars are the dress code and you must be wearing coach ballet flats even through the snow. Often times boys and girls wear the same thing such as madras shorts or skirts, seesucker bermuda shorts, and ralph lauren cashmere cable knit sweaters.If seen with solow pants ROLLED, not one person will speak to you. Fashion seems to be timeless in this Greenwich bubbble. The interest in such clothing like vineyard vines, ralph lauren, lacoste, j.crew and other popular boutiques is passed down from generation to generation. If your home is under a million dollars, you are considered in the "lower class".
Education is extremely important to these wealthy families, considering most of the children's tuitions are equal to the rest of the world's yearly salary. Often times, kids are sent away to boarding schools to pursue thier athletic careers. Popular sports include lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey, tennis, squash, sailing, football, and golf.
Once a child reaches the age of twelve or so, they are allowed to travel the avenue with their new cell phone and debit card. Overpriced does not even exist in the Greenwich vocabulary. A twenty dollar undershirt is considered dirt cheap. Eighty dollars for a pair of sweatpants? Oh my gosh that is such a bargain. Looking for a cute inexpensive shirt to wear to a school dance might require a one hundred and fifty dollar bill at Reflection of Wishlist. Most of the families own two houses or rent the same one every year in such popular places as Vail, Nantucket, and the Vineyard.
Hunter:"where are you going for the holidays?"
Summer:"new jersey"
Hunter:"where the hell is that? is that near greenwich?"
Hunter:"well my family always goes skiing in vail."

Mary Grace:"hey what are you doing friday after school?"
Anne:"oh, taylor and i were going to go to the ave to get manis pedis want to come?"
Mary Grace:"well, i have a facial at 2 so could i meet you for lunch at mediterraneo at like 3 and then we can go get my seven jeans on hold at rags for the dance at the yacht club tonight?"
Anne:"oh yeah sure, i have a theory tank top on hold too so we can go together!"
by payton and tessa January 01, 2006
People here are beyond WEIRD, beyond comprehensible. This is an extremely sheltered place made for cowards who can't handle the real world and are basically afraid of anyone who doesn't look like them. A fish living in a fishbowl believes the whole world is under water because that is the ONLY WORLD they know.

The kids are the ones who suffer the most. They grow up to be the douchebags on Wallstreet with no sense of right and wrong. It is a breeding ground for narcissistics who weren't brought up to be decent to people except to those exactly like them. And these screwed-up ideas are confirmed right here in this lovely town :)

Most disturbing are the cowards who raise these kids in their pathetic bubble. For example, the public library wasn't built until relatively recently. WASP kids here seriously don't believe that things like discrimination or inequality still exist. No joke. Or if they do, they have no problem making themselves as comfortable as possible. The question is - how the hell do these kids get so brainwashed?

Outside this backwards and reactionary town, there is sanity (aka real world) and truth. This is the 21st Century. There is no need to put up with that kind of BS. Go to Pleasantville only to appreciate your own life and the real values in it all the more. For those still living there, I sincerely hope the fishbowl doesn't become too filthy for you to live in. (because god knows what other place would want you people)
Girl raised-and-born in greenwich: okay dad, what a great movie! Didn't you like the scene where....?

Greenwich-dad: We should hurry home. I've been living for 50 years, and I don't want to get shot by some random black person in Stamford now.

(you wonder why kids born-and-bred in Greenwich always go back to raise their own lovely families...)
by normalperson'sPOV November 05, 2010