Greenwich is a town that started it all. Founded in the 1700's, as a retreat for the leaders of the world, to get away from all the congested, hectic life of the growing city of Manhattan and Boston. Leaders kept their prized white horses, in stables built of Gold. Today it has transformed into a suburb known for the best. Home to the Rockefellers,Tycons, Kennedys, Penskes,Hillfieger, and all the top Ceo's of either Ge down to Wyeth, Greenwich has got it. A place where polo really started, always haveing the best, to the top of the line schools trainers, and transit system. Crusing down the streets of Greenwich is like reading Town & Country,AD, and the dupont registrey, all at once. The Nannys drive Range Rovers, the mothers are usually driven by an attractive drivers either in a Bentley(but the real must have these days are the Maybachs), but the best is passing the gates upon gates, each Mansion different from the rest and all have been featured in trendy home magazines. The kids have usually seen the whole world by 6 and by 14 are sent off to the best boarding schools in the world. Every Greenwich Child must have the following.
1.)Private Tutors till the age of 8
2.)Several Horses, one is never enogh
3.)Trainers in Polo, Crew, Squash, Tennis, Golf
4.)Daily Shrink(its a must have)
5.)(Age 5), 1 Range Rover Power Wheels,a custum play house with kitchen powder room, air condtion,a garage for the Range, and a meditation room, with sauna and garden.
6.)(Age 16) 1 Range Rover,& 1 aston martin, custum designer, atleast twice a month fly to somewhere warm to keep the tan,private fitness trainers, and one JAP(jewish American Princes)friend. But ones GREENY, 16th party must be above $100,000 if not, then u should just shop at sears.
7.) If you dont pop ur collar then u should just simply be shot by ones bodyguard.
The simple rules must be followed if not, then simply move to Hartford.
I live in Greenwich.
She must party with Paris Hilton.
by devon February 16, 2005
A place where people are surrounded by wealth, and provided with a safety net of money so that they never have to strive for anything of consequence. Because no one ever has to work for anything that has to do with death or living, they are given ample time to make up new rules which they strive to live by and cannot cross ie. dress codes, and other blantant displays of wealth. People are so focused on these things that they become detached from actual living and focus all of there energy on living in a superfluous and materialistic world. However, if people took a step outside the bubble to see what is actually real, they would be able to, with all their FREEDOM and time, become great thinkers and use their minds to solve the greater problems in the world. So, by creating this world of wealth and materialism, the ignorant people of greenwich(which there are exceptions to) are distracting themselves from the world they live in and hurting themselves in the long run. Oh some of the reason why your parents are so rich is because they are brilliant people.
Just step outside the greenwich will be so much happier.

I know from experience
by grewupingreenwich May 10, 2006
greenwich is a wealthy town in connecticut, known for its abundance of wall street tycoons, celebrities, and most of all, drug-addicted, alcoholic, asshole-ish teenagers.

the majority of the 2700+ kids at Greenwich High School can easily be labeled into some sort of group, but those who "dominate" (really only in their minds) are often referred to as the biddies. listening to one of their conversations is often entertaining, as they most always pan out something like this - "who's throwing down tonight? idk but uh i got like 3 racks. dank, and i got the nugs, so we'll be gettin mad swilled tonight....OR....fuck yeah man she was so smashed she booted everywhere shes throwing down again tonight." teens in greenwich are so bored with this town, so the lack of stuff to do has created the indifferent, drunk/high 24/7 zombies that occupy the schools and the town. it's super fun.
"man what are we doing tonight?"
"idk man but i heard someone's throwing down in greenwich"
"ill get the nugs and we'll get swillskied."

"dank, man."
by sab1012 October 23, 2009
Some people think most of these definitions are complete exagurations...wrong. Most of these people also are'nt residents in Greenwich and if so, in some of Greenwich's less wealthy areas, or as people here refer to as "Greenwich's Ghetto" although its plain to see that what's considered ghetto here is miles from anything even close. Lets face it, Greenwich is the dream life, glamour, fame, style, status, wealth. People that arent residents here or havent been here cant imagine the wealth because it isnt comparable to anything else, its a league of its own. Whats so amazing about it? Everything really, (most) people here are so incredible sheltered from the real world that they dont even notice it exists. You dont have to be born and raised in Greenwich to become "Grenified" its something thats inevitable. Greenwich's obsession with fashion is due to the fact that, yes, we all have money, and yes, we're going to make sure you know it. Theres no "Glamourizing" Greenwich because no matter how you explain Greenwich's wealth it will always be an understatement. Dont just take my word for it, if your skeptical, do some research. Other towns in CT such as New Canaan, Darien, Westport...etc. are argued to be richer, all you need to do is open your eyes, take a drive around Greenwich and you'll see that none of these towns are even comparable. Girls here are preppy to the max, and if you arent then you wont fit in. Boys here are also preppy to the max but once they hit 13 they try to make it seem as though they arent preppy and are really gangster, but all this attempt does is make them even more Greenwich with the help of their "gangster" accecsories such as the tilted visor (or school hat, but brunswick is the only acceptable school)and of course the popped polo (if unpopped then your not preppy, your sure as hell not gangster, your assumed gay and deprived from both girls and a life, yeah its that critical)its all quite fabulous here in Greenwich, I mean seriously what more could you want...sanity? phh please thats like sooo mad overrated.
If you dont live in Greenwich, you can hate us or you can envy us there really arent any other options. No matter what you do we'll always be known as richest fucking place in the world, but dont blame us, blame our daddys after all theyre the multi milion/billionaires.

xox, muah bitches
by xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox August 10, 2007
sterotyped town there are differnt kinds of people rich poor white african american hispanic...religous differences
not everyone has a gold bathroom and u CAN find houses under one million dollers
some ppl live here because the schooling is great
and if u think this is not a good definition then come to greenwich and ull see we r preppy but not everyone needs to have natukue red belts
GREENWICH IS PREPPY though but u cant say anthing about that cause were cool like that
go look up ur name or sterotype
and we dont have teapartys! everyday..
sterotype:"shes from greenwich shes a rich bitch that has a boat and 5 houses"

normal person "i live in greenwich connecticut right by the sound"
"oh that seems like it would be a nice view ur can afford it or is it expensive?"
by hinallina May 16, 2007
You know that you are in Greenwich if gravity does not affect your collar!
greenwich is preppy...theres nothing any1 can do about it
by AEW April 10, 2006
The town where all rich people carry around knives in their backpacks. True story
I'm scared to go to Greenwich because they all have knives that they can use to kill me randomly and awesomely!
by Knowitallpaul June 19, 2014
Fairfield county is reputed to be eminently rich and obviously it is, however few towns in this area really grasp the idea of being the elite, the cream of the crop, the i-don't-give-a-fuck -because-you'll-be-working-for -me-in-ten-years, but Greenwich does. That's why this it's so special because the kids already know they're going to be successful, not because they work hard, not because they perpetually strive to be at the top, but because they were born into a particular family, and that is fair game. They know how to act, they know how to party, and although many other towns in southern Connecticut try to ensue Greenwich's goals, they are not even close. The people who live in Greenwich and hate being there is probably due to the fact that they moved from New Jersey and they are ugly. But any decent human beings know that a place like Greenwich can only be enjoyed by the best.
Kid: What do you think of that kid?
Other Kid: Um... i think he needs to lose that flat brim, and his shitty A4, he also needs to go back to fairfield because i hear that shit is tolerated over there.
Kid: No doubt, lets be out, I can only be away from Greenwich for so long before these corolla's start making my head hurt
by Louie B October 01, 2006

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