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Foolproof instuctions for laying sod.
How many pallets yall put out today? Hate to be the one to tell you...but it's greenside up.
by Harry Flashman July 02, 2003
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British Racist slang against Irish lawn workers who are too stupid to lay turf the correct way up. It can be used to mock someone who is not an intelligent individual.
Oiy you what are you daft or something!?!?! Green Side Up!
by Assholeomio March 25, 2004
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What any man in the agriculture business who grew up in the South says out loud while passing by a group of blacks or Mexicans laying sod. The term refers to a lack of intelligence of the aforementioned negros/hispanics.
-while passing by people laying sod
Father: "Green side up, boys"
Son: "Why'd you go n say that, daddy?"
Father: "Son, they blue-gummers so dumb they wouldn't know a book if it hit 'em upside the head!"
by FloridaCracker October 12, 2008
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What you yell to the lawn guys who are laying down sod ( usually a mexican )
(drives by in car )
"Green side up, boys, green side up"
by Honky Cracker October 10, 2003
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