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An environmentalist who practices 'traditional' outdoor skills and pursuits (hunting/fishing/winemaking, etc) on the grounds that they represent a more sustainable local alternative to industrial agriculture. The word's origin is rooted in someone who acts like a redneck, for "green" motives.
"I never figured that greenneck would be able to fit an elk his shot with the bow and arrow into the back of his hybrid Prius, but he 'got-er-dun'".
by forager June 04, 2009
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A left-leaning naturalist Vermonter who is no flat-lander who doesn't have much money and usually drives old-ass cars that are falling apart. Lives on a farm or homestead and puts most of his/her energy into eating well and taking care of the community. Usually raises chickens/pigs/beef. (Is usually not vegetarian.) Ok will handling guns in the woods but doesn't believe every numbskull out there should carry a Glock. Essentially a green-neck is a red-neck that doesn't believe we should be giving all our money to Halliburton and that we should instead give all that money to our local health centers.
Yesterday Sam drove down to the local butcher in his 1982 Toyota half-ton with a quartered Angus in the back. The truck barely made it with the weight. Later in the day he voted at Town Meeting to fully fund the arts program at the local school. What a green-neck.
by whosyourfaamer March 11, 2010
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Native Vermonter who has green blood flowing through their vanes.
Walt is a typical "green-neck".
by ska213 January 16, 2008
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A person who has 'gone green', and is now highly judgmental of all others who they feel are not 'green enough'.

Can be accentuated when the individual does not have a well rounded knowledge of the actual issues of climate change.
Bob traded in his SUV to buy a Hybrid, then when he saw me drive in to work in my gas car he gave me the stink eye and hasn't talked to me since. Little does he know that my small car still gets better gas millage than his Hybrid, and has for the last ten years. What a greenneck.

by Dylan Jenkinson January 17, 2008
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