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n. 1. A moron; one lacking the necessary cerebral capacity to formulate coherent thought.
2. A witless boob.
I can't believe he said that. What a green ninja.
by Sendark April 25, 2005
1)An idiot of unimaginable stupidity.

2)A complete retard.

3)More likely then not, a wannabe asian.
Ha, Ruskin is a Green Ninja
by April 25, 2005
The best and coolest ninja. Usually the leader and in many cases good looking and smart. Has a strong influence on others and a very happy person. Athletic fast and most importantly green!
That guy is definately a greenninja!
by ninjaunite July 26, 2010
when somone is smoking a blunt and they are letting the smoke sit in their mouth you sneak up on them n suck the smoke out of their mouth.
dood when im high i turn into a green ninja.
by green ninja attacks March 21, 2011
The untmost elite of newbies. The omninoob. Probably grew up really sheltered. One lacking in common sense or culture to the degree that he/she could be classified as being "skilled like ninja" at being a greenhorn. The proverbial 40-year-old virgin.
You don't know how to pump gas? You've never heard of Bruce Campbell? You've never played spin the bottle?? You're such a green ninja!
by Jeth August 23, 2005
the cutest boy ninja around. he will fill you with passion, and youll burst. Because he is bomb. His techniques include: dancing, giving compassion, and knowing how to make the ninjas smile. Pride and joy is where youll find this ninja. Warning: he will cut you up when he is not joyus, hes been cuttin since the age of three so beware.
give a line, and he'll give you a friendship.
by steve November 03, 2004
A better version of a ninja - it's green. Found in the forests of Africa. Considered a "n00b" for not being public enough.
Jon: God You are SUCH a green ninja!

God: what you say Jon.


God: Jon? Jon???
by The Green Ninja January 02, 2008
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