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A non-U.S. citizen attempting to seduce an American into marriage solely for the purpose of acquiring a green card (compare: gold digger).
I dunno dude, Hildegarde is mad hot for you, but I'd watch your passport--I think the girl's a green digger.
by dedelus January 20, 2009
A girl who hangs out with you for the sole purpose of smoking your dankies.
" Nah, I don't know if I wanna hang out with her today, she is kind of a green digger I am always out of weed after we hang out."
by GREENDIGGA December 15, 2009
someone who uses an admirer to acquire weed without paying, with no intentions of ever paying or accepting advances.

aka, a potwhore
Dude, that girl gets free weed from that freshman dealer. What a greendigger!!!
by greendiggaaaaa July 15, 2009
A female that acquires cannibis due to her gender, as males will always be willing to get females high.
Clayton: "Hey Kelsey, how do you always get away with smoking for free?"
Kelsey: "Just because I have a vagina doesn't make me a green-digger!"
by Poke Smot A Lot February 12, 2009
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