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1)An idiot of unimaginable stupidity.

2)A complete retard.

3)More likely then not, a wannabe asian.
Ha, Ruskin is a Green Ninja
by April 25, 2005
54 44
n. 1. A moron; one lacking the necessary cerebral capacity to formulate coherent thought.
2. A witless boob.
I can't believe he said that. What a green ninja.
by Sendark April 25, 2005
62 51
The best and coolest ninja. Usually the leader and in many cases good looking and smart. Has a strong influence on others and a very happy person. Athletic fast and most importantly green!
That guy is definately a greenninja!
by ninjaunite July 26, 2010
4 0
when somone is smoking a blunt and they are letting the smoke sit in their mouth you sneak up on them n suck the smoke out of their mouth.
dood when im high i turn into a green ninja.
by green ninja attacks March 21, 2011
3 3
The untmost elite of newbies. The omninoob. Probably grew up really sheltered. One lacking in common sense or culture to the degree that he/she could be classified as being "skilled like ninja" at being a greenhorn. The proverbial 40-year-old virgin.
You don't know how to pump gas? You've never heard of Bruce Campbell? You've never played spin the bottle?? You're such a green ninja!
by Jeth August 23, 2005
38 38
the cutest boy ninja around. he will fill you with passion, and youll burst. Because he is bomb. His techniques include: dancing, giving compassion, and knowing how to make the ninjas smile. Pride and joy is where youll find this ninja. Warning: he will cut you up when he is not joyus, hes been cuttin since the age of three so beware.
give a line, and he'll give you a friendship.
by steve November 03, 2004
2 5
A better version of a ninja - it's green. Found in the forests of Africa. Considered a "n00b" for not being public enough.
Jon: God You are SUCH a green ninja!

God: what you say Jon.


God: Jon? Jon???
by The Green Ninja January 02, 2008
32 41