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Greater Lowell Technical High School is a school in Tyngsboro. (I know weird its called greater lowell) It is called this because it is made up of Lowell Dracut Dunstable and Tyngsboro.

Also known as "the voke" or "the joke"

According to lowell high students, people from the voke cannot get into a college... NOT TRUE
If you are graduating from Greater Lowell Technical High School in 2006 or you graduated before that you know what "fresh fruit" is. You also know that if your a smoker, the girls electrical bathroom is the place to be durring 6th lunch. Mr. Yaffa has been your substitute... in every class. If you get sent to the deans office... youd much rather go to dean fallon then dean connelle. You know what project adventure is. Someone is eventually going to pull a senior prank involving the teachers resource center. Taco Bell and Mcdonalds... NOPE... West commons and East commons. Out of the 4 years you went to (or are going to be in) the voke you've known (or you know) at least 4 students that have been pregnant.

Just a couple of Shop Stereotypes:
Cosmo Hoes
Marketing bitches
by Medical A Weeeeekkk April 04, 2006
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