To be a moocher.
To do something messed up to a friend or random person.
To steal another man or womans signifigant other.
To do a crazy act of foolishness.
To be an overall asshole.
To be lazy.
To steal in general.
Finch is a greasy man for skiing naked.
Matt is greasy for being jewish.
Miller is just greasy.
Taking his girlfriend out was greasy Brian.
Bj is greasy for beating Brian's ass all the time.
Rob is greasy because he's lazy and never comes out of his room.

by Tres Caldwell February 22, 2006
'death glare', looking at somebody with your eyes in slits because you're not happy with them
she gave me this full greasy
by strz April 06, 2005
to do someone wrong; to cheat someone
yo, that niqqa did me real greasy- he stole from me and made me miss a day of work
by da diva January 03, 2004
a fat kid with really greasy hair and moldey elbows who says everyting once and then says it to himself again, can break anything he touches
damnit greasy you broke my foot!
by hunter May 04, 2004
A skanky whore who stinks up the internet instead of doing housework. Contact with this nasty whore should be avoided at all costs. She is an ass-munch.
Greasy is the skankiest whore ever.
by mamadred April 15, 2005
an adjective usually used to describe a nub of some kind... (usually arrogant and/or assholish)

jonathan heaven riley
"man, what a gresy nige..."
by an admirer April 05, 2003
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