Top Definition
Oral sex from an older experienced woman.
Fukkin wit a older woman it's already cased closed; cause I put my He-Man in the power of Grayskull.
by Trinide May 14, 2007
Getting head from a senior citizen. Originally from ParodyJay's parody of He-man.
Skeletor: Gray skull...what is that? Isn't that when you get head from a senior citizen.
by K@tipwnan May 05, 2009
likeable rogue, love to hate, hate to love. battery powered or solar powered, either way you can't switch him off. forgets to breath sometimes which leads to dizzy speals and short term black outs. loves ikea kitchens and anything else non expensive and easy to replace or use no nails or cable ties.
"grayskull" "just kicked fuck out of my kitchen!!!" "need to go to ikea,................again!!!!!"
by djniall July 19, 2009
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