Enemy of fun, democracy and good taste. Antithesis of goodwill and coolness.
Stalin was a bastard, but he was no graye.
by assFACE November 17, 2004
Top Definition
Champion of Peace and Prosperity, benevolent traveller, and possible prophet

Origins: Mysterious stranger fromCybersphere; circa 1994.
Neither andamaroo or assfingers ever told the truth; they were liars and revisionists, who attacked graye unjustly with their falsehoods.
by John Locke November 17, 2004
the biggest douche you have ever met in your life. He lies and acts like he never did anything wrong and wont apologize for anything. drinks and does drugs because hes stupid.
Have you met the new kid Graye?
Oh you mean that druggie thats always high?
Yeah him!
by rawrr awk socks November 15, 2011
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