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A phrase which has been used in mainstream magazines such as Cosmo. This refers to a mythological sexual act which is non-consensual, yet somehow isn't rape.
"I keep telling my friends that there is no such thing as "gray rape", that no-means-no, that "gray rape" puts the blame on the victim."
by Amber Culbertson-Faegre February 02, 2008

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Contrary to the 2008 definition, gray rape is sex that falls somewhere between being consensual and non-consensual. Commonly occurs when a woman gives consent, but then withdraws it during or after sex. Also happens when the woman is a little nervous, but the guy is more confident. Generally, rape that doesn't involve violence, threats, or drugs. Emotional manipulation covers this gray area, for example, making someone fall in love with you so you can have sex with them.
"Gray rape is the most common type of rape."
by wangjiahua September 23, 2014