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When ones anal tissue consists of a gray hue.
Ew, matt has a nasty grayhole.
#hole #gray #butt #anus #asshole
by Sagan Hater July 03, 2014
one that blows and sucks
1. "Mrs. Smith, if we sent a nuclear bomb to Jupiter, would the explosion of the planet reach us? You know how there are Black Holes? Are there White holes? What about Gray Holes?"
-Incredibly mindfucked girl

-all the males in the class

2. "I swear that Karissa bitch is one hell of a gray hole."

3. "Oh no! My potential phenomena is being actualized! This is bad! If this happens, the Zohar will fall under Deus' power and create a gray hole in the planet!"
#grayhole #gray #hole #gray hole #black #white #black hole #white hole #blackhole #whitehole
by Technopenis August 17, 2006
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