1.] an adjective that describes something both great and awesome.
2.] The words great and awesome combined.
Mom: "Do you like Hao?
Lura: "Sometimes he's okay, but most of the time he's grawesome!"
Mom: "Why do you say that?"
Lura: "Well, he's pretty hilarious, making me laugh all the time and turning my bad days into good ones. And he buys me lots of food."
by sweetlu January 10, 2012
Top Definition
a something which is beyond awesome .. both great and awesome in fact.
Check out the majesty of Trogdor, His spinities are simply grawesome
by James-s January 05, 2006
Ashley Nicole Brown is grawesome!
by Bobbertttttttttttt February 22, 2010

Something that is great and awesome.

At. The. Same. Time.
a: thats great!
b: thats awesome!
c: no! its grawesome!

a and b: grawesome!
by thatsforealgrawesome July 21, 2011
an adjective combining great and awesome
Ray: Hey, did you see that movie last night?
Maggie: Yes!
Ray: Was it any good?
Maggie: It was totally GRAWESOME!
by Maggie Shrewood January 07, 2010
The mixture of the word awesome and great. The meaning of this is better than good better than great!! It's a fun GRAWESOME word that it's not only fun to say but has a really sweet meaning to it!
Tyler- Hey Josh did you hear about the new thing kids are saying these days?
Josh- you must be taking about that word GRAWESOME!! It's totally sweet dude!!
Tyler- Totally!!! Everyone's saying it now! It's the new hip weird for great and awesome!!
Josh- GRAWESOME!! Let's go brag about it on Twitter and instagram!!
Tyler- YASSS!!!! That's a Grawesome idea!!
by liven.my.life February 01, 2015
something more awesome than great and greater than awesome
Did you chill with Seby last night?
Yeah that kid is grawesome!
by finnandjake August 09, 2010
Great and awesome. Overly spectacular. Fucking amazing.
Eating frosted flakes while stoned is grawesome!
by The One that defined grawesome March 07, 2014

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