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Ashley Nicole Brown is grawesome!
by Bobbertttttttttttt February 22, 2010
11 2
a something which is beyond awesome .. both great and awesome in fact.
Check out the majesty of Trogdor, His spinities are simply grawesome
by James-s January 05, 2006
39 22

Something that is great and awesome.

At. The. Same. Time.
a: thats great!
b: thats awesome!
c: no! its grawesome!

a and b: grawesome!
by thatsforealgrawesome July 21, 2011
3 0
an adjective combining great and awesome
Ray: Hey, did you see that movie last night?
Maggie: Yes!
Ray: Was it any good?
Maggie: It was totally GRAWESOME!
by Maggie Shrewood January 07, 2010
6 3
something more awesome than great and greater than awesome
Did you chill with Seby last night?
Yeah that kid is grawesome!
by finnandjake August 09, 2010
2 1
Great and awesome. Overly spectacular. Fucking amazing.
Eating frosted flakes while stoned is grawesome!
by The One that defined grawesome March 07, 2014
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1.] an adjective that describes something both great and awesome.
2.] The words great and awesome combined.
Mom: "Do you like Hao?
Lura: "Sometimes he's okay, but most of the time he's grawesome!"
Mom: "Why do you say that?"
Lura: "Well, he's pretty hilarious, making me laugh all the time and turning my bad days into good ones. And he buys me lots of food."
by sweetlu January 10, 2012
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