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A turd band from central PA. This band is not rock, it's not metal, and it's not emo. Gravity Hill is a style all its own it's just shit.
Did you know that Gravity Hill is like going to be the biggest band from PA? Yeah I know they sound just like Breaking Benjamin.
by phartin Tom December 06, 2006
A road on a hill in Eastern Massachusetts on which objects will roll up its slight but visually noticeable incline.

There have also been several sightings of a ghostly girl here before, but i'm sure that's a load of s**t.
As my friends and i watched in amazement, my dad put the car in neutral, opened the door and hopped out as it began to slowly roll up the 'gravity hill' all by itself.
by Bradypats1 January 03, 2008
A hill in Alaska that has a noticeable incline but if you put your car in neutral you can roll up the hill.
Dude 1: DUDE! we just went UP A HILL!

Dude 2:I know right? There's a reason it's called Gravity Hill!
by My name was being used January 11, 2011
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