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A different and far sweeter name for the classic gravity bong, in which any type of bottle with a cap is placed in a bucket of water, and an open ratchet piece is melted through the plastic cap (far better than making a tin foil bowl) to make a bowl piece. Weed is placed in the ratchet, and lit while lifting the bottle out of (but not completely) the water, using gravity and water pressure to fill the bottle with smoke. When the bottle is filled, the chron-smoker pushes the bottle back into the water while inhaling, achieving a massive hit that is otherwise unachievable.
Stoner 1: Dude, Tim was walking around like Frankenstein after he hit the grav station only once last night!
Stoner 2: I know, he got so stoned off of such little weed! GBs rule
Tim: I think I'm still high from chillin with the grav station last night.
by fosholey July 06, 2009
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