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1. Coined by Steve, this is a term that refers to the mortal nemesis of Digital Multimedia Technology students, the dreaded Graphic Design student.

Graphi are generally pompous in nature, and extremely stuck up. They are characterized exclusively by extreme hotness. Nevertheless, their cruel nature deters boys from pursuing them romantically. They are merely eye candy.

They despise DMT students because the DMT students possess admittedly inferior drawing talent. Even if a DMT student makes no claim to be a better artist, the Graphi will still act like snobs, and shove their "I-art-better-than-thou" attitude into your face.

2. Anyone driving on the road after a Field Trip involving both DMT students and Graphi will appear to be a Graphy in the eyes of the DMT student. This is perhaps because the DMT student is paranoid after his/her whole world got flipped upside down.
A: Did you see the talented artist over there? She's very attractive!
B: That Graphy? Yeah, she's smokin', But what a bitch!

by DMTYEARONE2006 September 08, 2006
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