Basically, it means your girlfriend or sugar momma.
Yo my parents just kicked me out so im gonna be stayin at my grandmas for a while, and she bakes me cookies every night ;)
by osca miah March 10, 2005
Short for the liquor Grand Marnier.
I'll take two shots of Grandma please.

I can't get the taste of Grandma out of my nouth.
by Ryan Robertson March 07, 2005
Verb. To grandma another person is to jab them on their side right below the ribs, while saying GRANDMA. The goal of a grandma is to demean the person receiving it and make them feel uncomfortable.
Yo Steve, you're so brown. Get out of the country.
GRANDMA! (performs the Grandma)
by JBender September 17, 2007
when you get a blowjob from a woman with no teeth.
paulina popped out her dentures and gave me one of the best grandma's ever.
by sean January 03, 2005
SEE: vag (#2) especially look at the last example
I did your grandma but her vag was too fuggin loose!
by y-dont-u-die March 29, 2005
Grandma is a slang, white term for nigger.

The word has remain underground and unknown for quite some time but is arising to the surface.
Dude, that Grandma is stealing my car!
by anoyomous69 June 13, 2008
An old lady that smells like poop. Has wrinkles, brown spots on her skin, and uses a lot of saliva when kissing your cheek.
My grandma's BO is worse than the smell of my ass crack after a week of no wiping.
by ijwahak December 29, 2005

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