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A large, unsightly, painful pimple. Though they can be found anywhere on the body, goyders usually appear on the neck.
ME: "Mom, I have a goyder on my neck, you gotta pop it for me!!"

MOM: "Uuugh, okay come here"

ME: "Owwwch!!"
by CandiePie May 28, 2010
somebody who likes to prey on others, and does so with a perving eye. If he fails to get what he wants, he results to "surprise sex", he then spazzes out and makes weird groaning noises with his mouth/throat.
"god, that guy is a bit of a goyder"
"make sure he doesnt make a goyder out of you!"
"i love a bit of goyder"
by Alex Shayler September 11, 2008
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