A state executive lacking charisma, character, and any shot at national office.
Scott Walker is Wisconsin's governerd; Tim Pawlenty used to be Minnesota's.
by Tony.97209 March 22, 2011
Top Definition
One who lives in Governors Hall at the University At Buffalo. More specifically, Roosevelt Hall, the Honors Freshman Residence Hall. This building is populated by some of the smartest Undergraduate Students at SUNY Buffalo and is one of the best communities to live in on campus.
Proud to be a governerd! #governerds4life
by honorscollege November 30, 2011
Students who live in Governors Dorm at the University at Buffalo. Mostly they live in Roosevelt, and are freshman. So called because it is the honors dorm and full of smart kids. Mostly they love studying, video games (Smash Brothers and Halo), reading, not partying, and they don't normally like the opposite sex. They don't party have high GPAS take honors classes and are usually thought of as "Dorks". However their are some normal kids in governors, but few and far between
"Hey you want to go out and drink beer and chase tail? I know some sick parties!"
gover-nerds:"No i cant, i have to study and read ancient Chinese poetry, then play halo for 6 hours."
by enp89 November 06, 2007
A nerd of a particular variety: one that is well versed in politics and government. They find great joy in watching the news, hearing debates and knowing about local government leaders and foreign policies.
Angela is SUCH a governerd, she just told me "Today the new congress is getting sworn in! I am so excited!"
by Whatshername. January 05, 2011
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