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yaper, capitol, bread, cheese, MONEY!
I got lots of gouda!
by Ant Stylez March 21, 2006
26 9
Yaper, cheese, cheddar, chalupas, green, money, cash. Word comes from E-40 the father of slanguage.
I'm bout to go hustle and make that gouda.
by The Oreo March 16, 2006
353 50
Money. Coined by E-40.
"The definition of gouda...chalupa, scrilla, scratch, paper, yaper, capital."
Gouda - E-40
by sydeshow March 15, 2006
151 35
Chalupa, skrilla, scratch, paper, capital, cheese, cash, money, etc
In Caliskrilia we do whatever we can to make that gouda
by Forty Water April 06, 2006
104 40
Money, scrilla, cheddar, cheese, bread.

The subject of Bay Area rapper E-40's song "Gouda" on the new album "My Ghetto Report Card"
"I got some gouda man, I'm about to go spend some."
by anonymous asdf March 14, 2006
69 19
mean cheese,skrilla, scratch, paper, yayber
E 40 ' s song Gouda featuring b - legit on the My Ghetto Report Card cd go by it
by The politician March 24, 2006
61 25
Simply Cheese; money, paper, scratch, fetti. Said by E-40 on his album "My Ghetto Report Card."
I'm stacking this gouda higher than the effiel tower.
by E Style March 12, 2006
60 33
money, cheese, scrilla, you know that PAPER, green
Jeff - I'm hustlin to get that gouda
by Kalen C March 25, 2006
42 24