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Need to or desire to make money for some defined purpose or goal. Rent, mortgage, Aruba, kid's tuition, killer LED flat screen, night vision goggles, helicopter leasing, etc. The "earning" part of earning and burning. Usually followed by an edgey or vulgar noun. Like bro, dude, sister, chief, motha fuka, biatch. An interesting approach to making one's relative lack of funds seem more cool and hip in bro-to-bro or bro-to ho-discussions. Can be used in different tenses and forms: Make bank, made bank, making bank
Bro-to-Bro, "Yeah, I'm working this weekend man. That Cabo trip is coming up and I gotta make bank, holmes.."

Office Drone 1 : You still here dude?
Office Drone 2: Making bank, muthafuka!

Bro-to-ho, "I know you want set the date, but baby I gots to makes the bank, you hear? No ca-ching, no bling. Now get in the kitchen and make me a damn pie."
#earning #burning #working-for-the-man #bowling-for-dollars #doing-the-9-to-5
by Max Caffeine September 15, 2009
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