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1a. Personal preference meets tradition/custom. Literally: “I must go with what I’ve predetermined to be my personal preference for specific situations/circumstances.”
For instance, to be used in reference to what your favorite food item (typically) would be during any specific event or moment. A better way of saying: “You KNOW I gotta go with the MALTballs right now.” Most accurately this is stoner slang; when you're in the convenience store, high with your homies, grab your favorite snack and say "Gotta have my pops/popz/pawps/pawpz."

2a. Casual reinforcement for one's personal preferences; passive self-assertion. It's a marriage between "What can I say?" "You know me," and "Nothing but the best for me"; "What can I say, nothing but the best for me"; similar but not equal to "That's how I roll." Often but not always expressed with palms up, shoulders shrugged.
by DZASSTRUSS October 18, 2011
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