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It Pretty much means that a goth is in trouble and u got to go help him.
Scepter: oh look there's a goth on a stick.
Mace: Lets go get him
Todd: Yahh ok.
by Stefano Cappelli August 09, 2007
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A term adopted by many Youtubers (from the popular online series "Goth Lyfe"), which has now broken forth onto the mainstream. "Goth on a Stick" can be used as a term for someone who is being told off, or is in trouble, usually someone who other members of society may see as a stoner goth metalhead emo or many other minority subcultures unappreciated by most of society. Using this term does not mean that the person actually using the term nessecarily disrespects the fashion.
James: Oh Shikes, Tony didn't get the train today!
Asa: Oh God, you don't think that little emo cry baby is in detention again?
Josaline: No, I think he's in a real "goth on a stick" situation.
Promise: He's being raped by TTB!
All: *dramatic singing and screaming noises*
by ShmoofingFabsee March 31, 2008
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