When the result of an insulting joke is on you. This term is used to describe your misfortune. It is often used in a loud voice to let surrounding persons know of your failure or embarrassment; something you know you cannot undo or escape. Also used to spitefully point out and enjoy the humiliation of another.
cop lights flashing, car pulled over

car full of young people going by: Haha Got cho' ass

Mother scolds child after waiting up for them past curfew

other child upstairs in room content with sibling's humiliation: Ooooh got cho' ass :)
by Chrysantharose April 27, 2013
Top Definition
To "get" or have "gotten" somebody in some sort of battle or challenge
After winning in Battle ...Dave yells gotchoass out of his passenger side window towards his victim...hehe
by Dave S. December 06, 2002
This is the term used whenever something is done to someone in a harsh manner, whether it is playful or serious. A combination of the words, "got yo ass".
When you dunk on someone... "gotchoass"; When you prove somebody wrong..."gotchoass"; when you trick someone, hit someone, or anything else that excites you and upsets them..."GOTCHOASS"
by E Willy September 28, 2007
A case of bad ass
dam that was some gotchoass
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
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