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means fat hairy bitch. Similar to shaving down a big foot and teacher her to speak. Be warned... fat hairy bitches cannot walk a flight of steps, but they can climb the fuck out of a tree. Gooniegoogoo is not some new spanish not call your buddy sanchez a gooniegoogoo.
watch "Eddie Murphy - Delirious" for further explanation)
Get back into your gooniegoogoo-mobile and get the fuck out! (fat hairy bitch mobile)
by Murray December 23, 2003
A local Sullivan County NH slang for 420. Based on Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" line "Hello, I'm Bunny. Goonie Goo Goo".
Used to inconspicuously let other 420ing people know it was 4:20 time. Still used to this day....
"Hey Connie, goonie goo goo!"

by Capt. Burger King March 08, 2011
A zebra bitch with a bone through her nose.
Guy 1 - Have you seen that Goonie Goo Goo on the discovery channel last night? Bitch was buck naked riding a zebra.

Guy 2 - looked like she had a bone through her nose too.
by lipstick_lesbo October 31, 2007

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