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Taking a firm grip of the meaty underside of a woman's upper arm, making it easy to muscle her around. Most times uttering "you're making a scene" into the woman's ear. If done correctly, it will look like you are softly touching her back and whispering something sweet to her, when actually you are leaving 4 small bruises on one side of her arm and one giant thumb bruise on the other side.
"Looks like that twat is getting the goon hand"
by birdjjb February 14, 2007
A firm grasp around the upper arm of a woman, often used in place of a slap in a public place. It is used to prevent a woman from "making a scene" in public. It involves four firm fingers around the arm on the medial aspect and one sure-gripped thumb on the lateral aspect. Shake vigorously if necessary.
"Bitch calm down or I'll break out the goonhand."
by D. Snuts January 27, 2007
pimphand, heavy hand, hand you put down on an out of pocket bitch.
"I had to lay my goonhand down on Sheila. That bitch tried to get away with some shit the other night."
by Binky Dawg March 08, 2009
An unwanted wandering hand.
His goonhand was all over me. I told him, not until we're married.
by AJ April 29, 2004
The act of squeezing another person's hand very tightly when giving a handshake.
After shaking hands, turns to another, rubs hand, and says, "Damn, that dude totally gave me the goonhand!".
by The Brick Hit House! April 13, 2004
open palm hand meant to strike the face of a ho. often used by pimps to keep their ladies in check. proper position is to open hand, slightly curl tips of fingers and thumb and shake in a menocing manner.
"Bitch, where's my money? Don't make me break out the goon hand."
by Philip the Great IV April 28, 2005
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