A slang word for a vagina. Commonly used in South Africa.
Damn Cindy, you gotta wax your goomf!
by Goregoat November 08, 2009
Top Definition
Get out of my face - What every older brother ends up saying to her little sister every time she comes into his room.
old_brother: <chillin playing counter strike>
Little_sister : Hi! (bumps shoulder and hugs) OMG! You are not going to believe what happened today, OMG! OMG!, OMG!
Older_brother : meh...

Little_sister: Remember that guy that ... (5 minutes later) ... can you believe it, OMG!
Older_brother: AAAARg (just killed by head shot) <stares at sister> GOOMF!
by pdp March 24, 2012
"Get out of my face" Used in moments of despair, when being attacked with an literally in your face attitude.

Using this expression seriously will only earn humility; it sounds too goofy.

Another way of saying, "Get out my grill."
-Jerk wanting to secure the alpha male status by intimidation , yelling in your face, "Yeah-what what...who's the shit."
-Normal person, "Goomf, you asshole."
by jraatz September 19, 2007
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