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"Get out of my face" Used in moments of despair, when being attacked with an literally in your face attitude.

Using this expression seriously will only earn humility; it sounds too goofy.

Another way of saying, "Get out my grill."
-Jerk wanting to secure the alpha male status by intimidation , yelling in your face, "Yeah-what what...who's the shit."
-Normal person, "Goomf, you asshole."
by jraatz September 19, 2007
Get out of my face - What every older brother ends up saying to her little sister every time she comes into his room.
old_brother: <chillin playing counter strike>
Little_sister : Hi! (bumps shoulder and hugs) OMG! You are not going to believe what happened today, OMG! OMG!, OMG!
Older_brother : meh...

Little_sister: Remember that guy that ... (5 minutes later) ... can you believe it, OMG!
Older_brother: AAAARg (just killed by head shot) <stares at sister> GOOMF!
by pdp March 24, 2012
A slang word for a vagina. Commonly used in South Africa.
Damn Cindy, you gotta wax your goomf!
by Goregoat November 08, 2009