Shortened from gabagool. Can mean any of the following:
1. Food, as relating to gabagool.
2. To eat.
3. To injure or harm yourself.
4. To have sex with.
1. "Man, I'm f#$kin' hungry, I could really go for some gool right now.
2. "Damn girl!You gooled that double-cheeseburger like a champ."
3. "I really gooled my arm donkey punching that slam-pig"
4. "O man, I gooled her for two hours before the cops came!"
by Gypo April 30, 2006
Better than good. Better than cool. The term originated in the subforum "Plotters" when an ESL finnish chap made a typo. Everyone thought the typo was itself, gool, and adopted it. Proliferation of the word quicky followed.
"I just found (insert band name)'s vinyl in the used bin! How gool is that?" "Plotters are the goolest."
by The Ronin March 02, 2006
the douchiest word ever.

Lame people think they can combine God with any adjective, but they don't realize that it's actually super gay.

Hey guys. God + cool or Gay + cool. It's the same.
Steven: Hey guys that's gool.

by thetruth11111111 January 15, 2012
A word used to describe epicness and intricacy
You are so gool!

Hey gool!
by f13d0 August 20, 2011
Generally meaning something, an object, person, situation is pretty badass. Also its the combination of the words "cool" and "great".
Dude. This shit is straight GOOL.
by asdfkl;ily August 21, 2010
v. gool, gooling, gooled

Originating from the infamous 'Quintus. A. Muchus Plonkerus Gool' of the ancient Byzantine empire of whom many tablets and ancient graffiti record impregnating hundreds of highly inappropriate, usually older women.

To fornicate with and impregnate or 'gool' a woman.
Oh no! I've been gooled!
by Burt schnider July 13, 2010
Better than Good. Cooler than Cool.

Discovered as a typo, but now accepted as a word in it's own right =]
You see Rachel over there? She's gool!
by kieran.obrien April 14, 2008
It's a twist on the words cool and good. It's when something is better than good and cooler than cool
That shit was so gool last night
by Daniel Shaf. October 19, 2005

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