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It is used in referenced to google.
As google is a search engine you used google as the word find.
Q says "Wheres my hat?"

P says " im going to google dat for ya"
by Kayla babs March 15, 2008
instead of accepting, believing,or settleing for the opinion of one or many . whom ever is seeking knowledge, information, gossip, the word on the street,rumors, office chatter, dirt, news,ect. should just- Googledat!
damn i dont know what the weather is gonna be like tomorrow. Well... you know you can always googledat!!!

"yo... did you know shaq is a U.S. Marshall?"

"----No--- He---Ain't---"
"Well if you don't believe me just go ahead an googledat."

"Shit girl i heard Barack Obama is wit Oprah Winfrey!!!"
"Whaaaat, i'm bout to go home an googedat shit right now!!!."
by jimmy swagga November 08, 2009
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