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When two people are arguing about a person/place/thing, and both parties involved believe that he/she is right and the other is wrong, then a google duel is about to ensue.

A google duel involves the use of the google search engine in order to resolve the conflict in question, and it usually ends with the loser being owned and/or tea bagged.
Guy #1: Nuh, ugh, the capital of California is Los Angeles
Guy #2: No, it's not; it's Sacramento
Guy #1: Fine, I challenge you to a google duel (looks it up via google)
Guy #2: ...See, told you so. Dude, I just owned your ass!
Guy #1: ... shit.
by Dollar tree douche dealer September 17, 2009
competition to see who can google a reference the fastest and post to appropriate social media site
I just won a google duel on Facebook!
by yumvee March 29, 2015
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