Top Definition
someone who says something stupid or does something stupid
Ebonee:i heard u suck oll dude dick
by EBONEE August 27, 2006
One who tends to make jokes and be frickin silly all the time. This kind of person has a hard time conveying serious messages because people always assume he or she is joking.
Eric: What did you put for number 4 on the geology test?
Mary: Quartz.
Eric: I put the soft blue diamond from Titanic.
Mary: You are such a goofass!!
by Eric Backman May 23, 2007
1. some one who is is bad at everything.

2.somebody that tries to be funny and cool, but are not and can not.

3. Al Gore

4. David Spade
Dakota: Look at Tim over there, he's the goof ass of all goof asses.

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