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Gooday is the Australian way of saying 'Hello' and is used widely
in Australia these days. The word
was made famous in the United States
of America and other countries in the

early 1980's by Paul Hogan, a well

known Aussie celebrity in his own


Hooroo is the Aussie word for Goodbye.
by Walter Lorne May 09, 2009
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Gooday Sp. z O.O. is a film and video production company in Poland. The founder of the company wanted to register a company in Poland under the name of "Good Day" but Polish authorities refused it claiming "Good Day" was a word for general use. After a few days and nights of thinking the founder "created" the word "gooday" not knowing that the word was a last name and a way to say "Good day" in Australia. The name was accepted and registered in Poland and that is how this company was born. "Sp. z O.O." in Polish stands for "Limited Liability Company".

In Poland, the company Gooday is known for its work on video production with foundations and charity groups.
Gooday Films, Gooday Films and Video Production
by Gooday Films November 23, 2011
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